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JOBS in Information Technology

PC Technician - Jobs for the Information Technology field

Well, I feel pretty lucky to have been around when mainframe computers first appeared on the scene. I happened to be working for a basic research lab at a university when they got their first computer, an IBM 7094. So I learned FORTRAN and was able to write programs to analyze my data. After my stint with the university, I moved on to a military industrial company and continued to develop my FORTRAN skills. This work involved the real time simulation of a ship board missle system. About a year and a half later i got a position with an major oil company. I worked here for about 22 years as a programmer. I picked up a few other languages (Cobol, PL1, a litle bit of APL, JCL, Focus, DB2 and SQL). But I used Fortan as my primary language. Since I got in on the ground floor of computing it was relatively easy to jump from job to job for a better salary. Since there wasn't apple and PC computers, then obviously the competition was non-exsistent. When the microcomputers hit the market then everybody and his brother became programmers and in a sense data processing managers. Today I am already retired but I can see how difficult it must be to break into the IT field. So let's look at salaries to see if this a career you wish to pursue.
Table of Salaries by Job Description
Tech Management
System Architect $135,000
Product Manager $119,000
Tech Management
Project Manager $114,000
Software Engineer $105,000
Database Administrator $103,000
Developer: Applications $98,000
Developer: Database $97,000
QA Engineer $92,000
Business Analyst $91,000
Network Engineer $86,000
Programmer Analyst $84,000
Systems Administrator $83,000
QA Analyst $76,000
Web Developer/Programmer $74,000
QA Tester $72,000
Technical Support $56,000
Desktop Support Specialist $52,000
Help Desk $43,000

You may want to consider more than job titles when pursuing a job in the IT field. For example, the 3 states with the highest salaries (over $100,000) are Mass., Calif., and New York. The lowest state looks like South Dakota with a salary of $51,000. You may want to consider being a consultant whose base rate is about $72/hour. And last but not least - experience. People with more than 15 years make about $112,000, not bad but you will not be considered wealty. Since I have some experience with people making big bucks, you may want to consider a job with a major oil company working in the "supply and distribution" department. Most guys I met stayed with the company and after a few years (learning the business) left the company and formed their own company. These guys (only after a few years) went on to become millionaires. Sure, you can become an actor and become super rich but do not count on it - not too many people can become Johnny Depp, or Leo DeCaprio. So if you are dead set on pursuing a job in IT, just remember there are serious alternatives out there.

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